- I Just Love It.

I've was never really one for inspiration boards.  I always loved the idea but when it came down to actually taking the time to cut things out of magazines and paste them all together I just never made it happen.  I've made a few over the years by pulling images from websites and playing in photoshop to pull all the photos together but I'd always forget where I found one an image and would spend so much time looking back at my internet history that it just wasn't worth it.  This is when my inspiration boards became a word document of website links.  As a super visually oriented person this was just not cutting it and I pretty  much gave up on the world of inspiration boards. I was frustrated that it wasn't easier because honestly they can be a great way to keep track of ideas.  Be it designs for a house remodel, ideas for re-branding your business or just a group of beautiful images that inspire you.  When I first heard about I honestly had no idea what it was.  When someone described it as a "visual inspiration board creator" I got excited and once I realized you could pin things from websites and the pin would link back to that website I was REALLY excited!  This was the combination of visual and practical that I was looking for.  Now if only I'd come up with this idea on my own- but anyway I'm just thrilled to have access to it and to be able to use it to keep track of all my inspiration and ideas.

I know that Pinterest isn't a new thing, it's been a round for a while now.  But I'm still enjoying it and am finding new ways to use it all the time.  I know that one of the most popular things to do with Pinterest is recipes sharing.  Now I can defiantly get on board with this.  Who doesn't need some new ideas for dinner?  Be it picky kids, a picky husband, specific dietary needs or just a need for something other then pasta and burgers.  I often search for new recipes on sites like or but after I've made them it's hard to remember where I found the recipe when I want to make it again- with Pinterest I can always find that pin on my "yumm" board and get right back to that recipe anytime.

One of my new favorite past times is looking at houses.  Ok who am I kidding this is not a new thing for me but using Pinterest is a new way I've found to keep track of all the awesome ideas out there for your home.  Things as practical as cleaning tips and ideas for organization to ideas for built in book cases and the kitchen I've always dreamed of!  I could, and often do, spend hours looking at houses online and now I've added a way to keep track of all the best parts of all the houses that I see and refer to them someday when I can build the house of my dreams.

I think the way I've personally used Pinterest the most was for my own wedding planning.  Weddings are full of so many details and keeping track of ideas you find on blogs and other wedding websites can be totally overwhelming, as if wedding planning isn't overwhelming enough on it's own.  When I started planing my wedding all the fun details I wanted to include were easily stored on my "Wedding" board and I could pull them up on my phone or lap top to show my friends, bridesmaids, parents and vendors anytime.  I can't tell you how many times I sat at my florists going over ideas with her flipping through pinterest.

There are a million ways to use Pinterest and if you are not already a pinner then you defiantly should be.  And either way we should be following each other so that we can see all the awesome stuff that we both post.  So if you are a member please leave your link below and I'll be sure to follow you and if you have any interest in some dream home goodies, wedding ideas, photography posing ideas and of course some yummy food ideas please follow me as well!

XOXO Spring