There are precious few moments when the two of you are alone on your wedding day.  Those moments when you can just relax into each other's arms and let out that breath you hadn’t even realized you’d been holding.  The time to snuggle just a little closer and hold one another just a little tighter knowing that today is the start of your forever.  

When we set aside time for your portraits, I don't want you to spend that time staring at the camera with a forced smile on your face.  I don't want to mold you into poses that don't feel natural, and not only make you look stiff, but feel even a little ridiculous.  This time together is for the two of you and gives me the opportunity to capture what it is that makes you a duo.  

The key to beautiful wedding day portraits is not the designer gown or the sparkly heals; it's all about love and light.  You bring the love -- I’ll find the light.

I love to shoot all styles of weddings from coastal Sperry tented events to mountain top elopements and specialize in the smaller more intimate celebrations.  Those intimate weddings that are focused on family and marriage are what I am most passionate about.  If you are planning your wedding day to be centered around celebrating your love and family then I think we will be fast friends so please don't be shy- reach out and let's chat about your day and why photography is important to you.  

  • Elopement Collections and Full Day Collections are available please reach out for a custom quote.