This vs. That

Cats vs. Dogs:

I grew up with cats and now I have a dog.  I was one of those kids who begged their parents for a dog year in and year out through most of my childhood.  Don't get me wrong I loved my cats but I still wanted a dog.  My parents excuse was always "our family is just too busy to worry about taking care of a dog" or more directly from my mom "I don't want my house to smell like a dog".  So we've always had cats.  We have had quite the slew of cats in my life.  We started with Siamese, then on to two sister Abyssinian's and then a string of good old domestic short hair mixes and most recently two long hair fuzz balls.  There are a lot of things I like about cats.  They have their own personalities, not to say that dogs don't, but cats just seem to be more overt with theirs.  They don't' apologize for who they are and I think they even enjoy being a bit sassy.  My favorite thing about cats by far is their purr.  I think there is just something incredibly soothing about that sound, the soft vibration and the blissful look they have when you scratch their chin.  It seems like you have to earn their love and when you do it's a pretty great feeling.

The day that Silas and I got Coby defiantly changed my life.  I hadn't had a pet that relied on me every day, day in, day out.  Cats you can leave for a day or two no worries, clean litter box, food and water and you are good to go.  Dogs you can't leave for more then a few hours without coordinating someone to take them out so to say that I was a little overwhelmed and freaking out a little those first few days with a dog would be an understatement.  Now I dont mind it and honestly don't think twice about the change in my life.  I'm lucky enough to have a set of family and friends close enough by to cover for us if we leave town for a day or a week.  And as much as my mom would hate to admit it she love Coby (her grand-puppy).  I think it's mostly because he is lap size and also being a poodle mix has hair instead of fir which keeps him smelling less dog like then most K9's.  Coby is my puppy-child.  Silas and I don't have kids so Coby is for all intents and purposes our kid for now.  I spoil him with treats and toys and sometimes carry him around and talk in a baby voice to him (i know it's a little strange- but i'd be willing to bet a few of your doggie moms out there do the same thing even if you are not willing to admit it out loud).

So for my first this vs. that: cat or dog?  which do you have? which do you prefer? and why?  Personally I'd vote for both (yes that's aloud) but currently we just have Coby as Silas is defiantly team dog.

XOXO Spring