Humane Society Photographer

I'm a total sucker for animals.  Always have been.  Who doesn't love the smushy face of a sweet puppy dog!?  When someone from the Conway Area Humane Society contacted me a few years back to see if my business would be willing to donate something to their silent auction I was happy to help.  When I was contacted this year to not only donate but to come by the shelter once or twice a month for an hour or so to take photos of the new dogs and cats for Petfinder I was really happy!  I could sit on the floor and play with puppies all day!!!  And even though some of the cats prefer to keep to them selves I get plenty of purrs from the friendly ones to make it worth my while. I've been over to the shelter a few times now over the last few months and every time I find at least five animals that I want to bring home.  I know that Coby and Silas would not be thrilled with that idea so I have yet to come home with anything but a little extra fur on my clothes and some great shots of some of the sweetest dogs and cats out there.  There are small dogs, big dogs, puppies and even a few FAT cats (my personal favorite).  I thought these guys are just so stinking cute I had to share a few of my favorite from the past few weeks.  Some of these guys are still up for adoption so if you are looking for a little animal love in your life... CLICK HERE!

XOXO Spring