Wedded Bliss:

I always thought walking through Macy's with that little gun that scans all the goodies you could ever want to fill your home would be one of the highlights of the pre-wedding to do list.  For anyone who loves shopping and who get excited when approaching the home-goods section of TJ Maxx you know the excitement that having one of those registry scanner guns would bring to a girl.  As much as I looked forward to this day of Silas and I walking around Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn and Target the reality was there was no way Silas would spend a day with me checking things off of our dream home-wares list.  Also one big hitch in this wonderful plan is that there are things from so many stores that I want and not all of them have a registry option. Last August one of my best friends got married.  When I received her wedding shower invite it had the date, the time, the location and a link to  Hmmmm I thought "what the heck is that?  I'm in the wedding industry I should be aware of these things" but somehow I had missed this little gem.  Well fast forward a few months and I'm now LOVING because it allows me to register from my computer while sitting on the couch all curled up with Coby and a cup of hot coco.  I don't have to drag Silas with me for a full day of walking around stores I can just say "hey hun do you think we should register for a set of guest towels?  blue? gray?" and I get an answer (granted it's usually a "sure whatever you think"- he's a smart man).  Now the best part is you can use this website for ANYTHING.  Not jut weddings or bridal or baby showers use it for your christmas or birthday wish list.  It's so easy!!!   You can even set up a Cash Gift Fund- which can be really useful for things like honeymoon money or in our case money to help us pave our driveway this year.

The key is the "Add To MyRegistry" button for your bookmarks.  Much like the "Pin It" button for Pintrest all you have to do it be looking at an item on any random website and click the "Add To MyRegistry" button and this wonderful little window pops up for you to put in the size, color, quantity etc that you want.

Then you have this great list of things all right there for your guests to refer to when buying your wedding/birthday/shower gifts.  It keeps track of when something is purchased just like a registry through a department store.


We are still working on our registry- It's hard when we already have a house and have lived together for 5+ years.  There are not as many traditional wedding gift things that we need. Plus I have no extra space in this house for more stuff!  (Maybe thats my hint to Silas that it's time for a new, bigger house??).

What was the best thing you registered for and why? Or what do you wish you had registered for?  Give me some good ideas to add to our list and one lucky commenter will get a Starbucks gift card! 

Happy Monday! XOXO Spring