The Sweetest Puppies: contest winners

I've got to say there are a lot of sweet puppies out there and a lot of owners who love them like they are their very own children.  Good to know I'm not alone!!!  I absolutely loved looking through all the doggy photos that filled my inbox.  There were some little dogs, some big dogs and more then a few puppies that just had the sweetest faces!!!  I couldn't help but fall totally in love with every single one of them.  Thank goodness I didn't have to pick a winner all by myself or I'd have gone out and bought collars for everyone. When Shannon and I sat down to pick the winner we were very conscious not to pick just the pretties photo because that is not what this contest was about.  We wanted to see the love that the owners have for their four legged friend.  There were a few dogs that we absolutely loved but unfortunately were not quite the right size for this collar.  The littlest and biggest ones this collar just wouldn't fit so as much as we loved your photos we knew this prize wasn't going to do you much good.  After much debate we have chosen one winner for the collar and an honorable mention who is going to get a goodie from Four Your Paws Only for their pup to enjoy.

First place goes to Sledder- the dog who's eyes will match this collar and who's owner told such a great story about her love for her pup!  Congrats Nicole!!!!  Shoot me an email with your address and this collar will be on it's way!  Be sure to snap a few photos of Sledder rocking her new collar for me :)

Sledder is the love of my life (coming in a close third is Jason).  I, like you, never had a dog growing up and I've ALWAYS wanted one.  My mom would say, "We don't need a dog, we already have your brother".  I think the best thing about a dog is their ability to cheer you up, ALL the time.  I don't know about Coby, but Sledder tail is constantly wagging.  She's a big snuggler and greets me with tons of kisses when I walk through the door.  It's the BEST feeling after a long day at a wedding.
As if I haven't gushed enough about my dog.  Fun fact about her name:  Four years ago, when I left for my work training, Jason bought a beanie baby Husky and stashed it in my luggage.   Since I was a 100% full time travel consultant, I brought the little thing with me EVERYWHERE.  It's gone on over a hundred flights and to most of the US, via my work luggage.  A couple years later, when we finally got a *real* Husky, we decided to name it after the goofy little beanie baby, Sledder.


Honorable mention goes to Tucker.  This dog has the sweetest face even when covered in snowballs.  Allison please send me your address so that I can send you a tasty treat for Tucker!

Thank you to EVERYONE for your awesome photos!!  Here are just a few of the wonderful images that were shared with us. XOXO Spring