Wedded Bliss: 4 months to go

I almost had a heart attack yesterday when I looked at the calendar.  March 20th.... Wait... 20th... of March.  That is 4 months till my wedding day.  OH CRAP!  I have a good 20min break down.  Freaking out about that insane list of things that I was going to do over the "slow months" this winter and that is under a huge pile of mail and books on my kitchen island.  I feel like I haven't done one single thing on that list and it's not 4 months away.  Yikes! So after taking a few deep breaths and realizing I wasn't going to be sick I sat down with my list and started to check off things I've done and stared all those things that need to get done asap.  I guess I'm really not as bad off as I had first thought because when I looked at the timeline list that all the magazines have I am only behind on two things, so thats not that bad.

We had Silas measured for his suit just a week or so ago so that was a biggie for us.  My mom found a groupon for Banks & Ashby for a custom suit for less then $800.  We know we could have rented a tux or suit but Silas doesn't actually own a suit and I feel like its one of those things that a man should have in his closet.  So we looked into buying one.  Most were in the $500-$800 range.  Of course we had no idea what size he was so we went into our local Brooks Brother's Outlet and he tried on a few jackets and we discovered a problem.  My man as arms.  Actually that was the first thing I noticed about him.  I apparently have a thing for arm muscles.  So the problem is that the jackets that fit him were tight on the arms when he would move his arm around.  So when we saw the option to buy a custom made suit for close to the same price as buying one that might not fit that well we jumped on it.  The best part about Banks & Ashby is they come to your house.  One evening two girls from Boston drove into our driveway and came to sit, chat and measure Silas.  We got to pick out style, color, fabric, shirt fabric (oh year the groupon also included two custom maid shirts).  Now they will take his measurements, make the suit and come back to our house for a fitting.  One less thing to try to schedule-score!

We also went up to Harvest Gold last week and ordered Silas's wedding band.  I have my grandmother's band so I'm planning to use that for my own.  We picked out the style, size and width and placed that order.  The other things we are still working on are things like programs, menu cards, table numbers, place cards etc.  But hopefully I'm going to find that all those things will come together easily with the help I've got.  One of my bridesmaids will be home from college next month and has a lot of free time in May and June to be my slave helper.  I hope Anya knows what she is getting into - I'm thinking DIY projects weekly!!!  I've got a few ideas that I've stolen from Pintrest and Etsy that I'm hoping we can pull off:

As I've been booking a few more 2012 weddings and some 2013 weddings I'm realizing just how close my own wedding is.  It's crazy to think that I'm going to be Mrs. McKenney soon.  I'm so excited and ready to be married it's just the wedding itself that I'm stressing about a little.  But I know that when I walk down the aisle and see Silas even if the programs are not perfect and the DIY project I tried failed miserably I'm still going to be the happiest girl in the world.

XOXO Spring