Fine Art Friday

I've been slacking off... you've noticed I'm sure that this is my first blog post in over a week... sorry guys.  Life has gotten in the way. Wedding planning, wedding season and life in general has taken over most of my free time.  While driving home the other day I was thinking about my lack of blogging and realized that I had not done a Fine Art Friday post in MONTHS.  Just as I was thinking- hmm I'll have to make time to go take some photos I looked across the street from where I was sitting at a red light and noticed how beautiful the afternoon light was on the beautiful Conway Library building.  So I hit my blinker pulled over and took out my camera.  After getting a few strange looks I headed home only to stop again on the side of the road at this one spot, that almost every day, I think "wow the light in this filed is so pretty I need to shoot here sometime".  I hit the blinker again and pulled off the road to take a few more photos of the filed and a beautiful old farm house right next to it.  I'm sure the 10 cars that passed me while I was shooting thought I was nuts- but I didn't care because I now had something to share with all of you for Fine Art Friday. Any of you who are photographers, and really any of you that have a camera (even if it's just your cell phone) - look around you- notice the places you drive by everyday and make the time to stop to capture their beauty.  I know not all of you live in the country with fields and mountains but trust me there is just as much beauty to capture in back alleys in the city as there is here in the White Mountains.  I have been driving by this field for over two years at least once a day and every time I think to myself "ohh I've got to shoot here someday".  The problem was I never had a model or couple or anyone to shoot and kept driving.  The other day I decided that these spots are beautiful on their own and as much as I would have loved to have a bride twirling in that field in a beautiful wedding dress, I enjoy the field on it's own just as much.  Well... ok maybe not as much but I still love it.  The point is I may never have that perfect light, on that perfect day, with the perfect model to shoot in this field so at least this way I have captured it and can enjoy it even without a beautiful bride.

XOXO Spring