I'll be honest- there are times when I'm feeling lazy and wish I had the excuse of being sick to get out of something.  Then when I am sick all I want is to feel better because being sick is 100% miserable.  I've been sick three times in the past few months- I finally get past one thing and my body is so run down that I get sick again a few days later- not exactly what I'd call a good time. Hopefully today I'm on the up swing.  I did break my 102.6 degree fever yesterday so I'm headed in the right direction.  I'm refusing to give myself the opportunity to get sick yet again so I plan to lay low and let me body full recover and my immune system to get back on track before I do anything to risk yet another cold/flu/ etc.

Over the past few days these are the things that have kept me company and kept me going:

1. Ally McBeal on Hulu has done a great job of keeping me occupied while stuck in bed for a few days. 2. Who doesn't crave sweets/chocolate when they are sick? I've been snacking on chocolate chips. 3. Sobe Lifewater- My mom brought me some along with a few bagels the other day and they are quite tasty- THANKS MOM!!!! 4. Tylenol- keeping the fever down. 5. I've gone through two full boxes of tissues- thank goodness they are the ones with lotion or my nose would be raw. 6. Rx Cough Syrup with a little codeine to help me sleep and keep my muscles in my chest from hating me. 7. A digital thermometer- love making myself gag while trying to take my temp but the one I've got reads in 9 seconds so at least its fast. 8. My big, comfy, king size bed!!!  Poor Silas has had to sleep in the other room to avoid my germs.  I'm just glad my bed is so comfy makes spending three days in it a little less miserable.

Oh and can't forget my best furry friend Coby.  He has been a loyal dog, sleeping at the foot of my bed most of the day and night!  It's nice to have that constant company.

Now I'm just crossing my fingers that this virus is almost gone and that this time my body will fully recover before some other sickness decides to try to take up residence in my body.

XOXO Spring