Spring Shopping

On sunny days when the sky is blue and the smell of spring blows in the air I can't help but want to shop.  Ok who am I really kidding it could be rainy, snowy or 100 degrees outside and I'd still want to shop.  It's just about that time of year when I pull everything out of my closets (yes I have more then one) and weed out things to donate to the thrift shop as well as sort out the winter things that get put away till fall creeps back into New England. I've always been a Banana Republic girl.  Their clothes just seem to fit me better then most - plus they make longs that are actually LONG ENOUGH.  It's hard having a 36" inseam.  Yes its all well and dandy to be tall but finding pants long enough to not look like I'm waiting for a flood isn't so easy.  Thank goodness the whole cropped pant thing is back in :)  I've also always loved J.Crew but found it just to expensive.  I know its not like BR is cheap but between the two I've found more affordable options over the years at Banana and honestly rarely even check out the J.Crew outlet in my own town anymore.

Well this year things have changed a little bit.  J.Crew currently has a plethora of things that make me really excited about warm weather.  They always have great one piece bathing suites and this year is no different.  Plus they have the most comfortable flip flops around and I LIVE in flip flops!

Today I decided to make a little spring wardrobe dream board- what do you think?

I love the color combination I created without even trying.  I was just drawn to all of these things for different reasons and the colors all together speak to me and my style pretty darn well.  For some reason i'm always drawn to solids... I really do like patterns but seem to never wear them... odd.  So what is your "can't wait to wear it" piece in your closet that is just waiting for the first sunny 70 degree day?

XOXO Spring