Fine Art Friday

"Spring you have to watch this show" says my mom.  She was right, as per usual. The Weather Channel is now doing a show on thursday nights called "From the Edge with Peter Lik".  I watched the first episode the other day and WOW!  He took this amazing photos of the volcanic sky around one of Hawaii's largest volcanos that show the most amazing colors in the night sky.  Well, needless to say I was inspired.

I don't have a volcano around throwing out crazy colors gases that make the sky magenta but I figured somewhere around here there are hundreds of beautiful night shots.  Tonight on my first real attempt I failed miserably.  I am a believer that you learn more from failure then success so I'm taking tonight as a learning experience and will try again soon with new ideas.

Although my night sky images were pretty much awful I did have some fun playing with long exposures at night.  I tried my hand at a few "ghosting" images.  I think these have a very period feel about them and even though it was not what I had planned to share for this Fine Art Friday post- I think they fit quite nicely.


Happy friday everyone! XOXO Spring