Portland- Old Port Details

While walking around the Old Port last week I found some great details.  A store down on Commercial Street was selling some of these colorful flower pots, some indian scarves and pillows.  They were all displayed out on the street in front of the shop.  I got a few strange looks while laying down on the side walk to take some photos but I've become so used to that look now it never bothers me- especially when I end up with images like these.  I just love these colors!  The green is such a great spring green and I think I really should have bought one of those blue pots- my mom would love that color. Around the corner from this little shop was a restaurant with a golden lab tied out front- I just couldn't help myself.  What a face.

Right next to this restaurant they are doing some renovations to another building- I wasn't quite sure what they were doing but they made a HUGE hole in the brick wall and had a pile of broken bricks.  After I snapped this image the guy asked me if I wanted any bricks.  I said no thank you but looking back I'm sure there is some cool project I could have used these old bricks for.

And of course.... the flowering trees- I can't seem to help myself when it comes to pretty flowers.

I had a great time in Portland last week- I think I'm going to try to spend a lot more afternoons in Portland this summer.  Anyone want to join me?