five very important words.

It feels like the weekends just fly by.  I spent a lot of this past weekend on the road or in southern NH and the Boston area.  After spending a good 5 hours of the beautiful saturday afternoon in Londonderry NH, Silas and I went down to spend some time with his brother Ethan in Belmont- just outside of Boston.  We spent the evening having dinner at a local bar and watching a movie.  The next morning we met my best friend KC and her little sister Anya downtown for brunch- only to loose track of time chatting and had to speed down 93 South to get to my wedding consultation on time (Sorry Erika- I swear I'm not always late).  After the meeting Silas and I once again got in his truck and headed back north because I had to be at work by 6pm. We found a few minutes on the way home to make a short pit stop at his current logging job in Ossipee, NH.  For those of you who don't know- my boyfriend Silas is a logger.   Though he does not wear flannel plaid shirts (not for my lack of trying) he is defiantly the real deal woods-man!  We stopped because he wanted to show me where he has been working and what he has been doing.  To be honest it isn't the most exciting thing in the world to me, but I know as well as anyone how when you are excited about something you've accomplished and worked hard on its fun to show it off.  I often make him sit and look at my "oh so pretty" pictures even when he is not exactly the kind of guy that gets excited about a great flower or wedding ring shot.  He obligees and tells me how nice they are and then tells me he is proud of me.

Those five words mean so much to me.  'I am proud of you'.  Its amazing how much hearing that can make my day.  Silas has always been one of my biggest supporters.  Since day one of this photography business adventure, he has been telling me I can do it.  I am so lucky to have someone in my daily life who tells me that they believe in me.  While we were walking around his job site I took a few pictures just to show it off to all of you.

I also snapped a few images through Silas's windshield on our way north on 93 going through Boston- figured I'd share those as well :)

Have a happy tuesday everyone!