.it's all about the character.

The house has to have spirit.  I have to get that warm, cozy, comfortable feel when I walk in.  There isn't as specific style, age, size or location that makes a house feel like home.  Although, for me personally I do have a tendency towards older homes.  Original wood floors are something I tend to get very excited about.  Yesterday I got excited!  My dad (also my real estate agent), my mom, Silas and I went to take a look at two houses in the Conway area.  Both are older homes from the early 1900's and have a lot of original details. This first house is the larger of the two and sadly isn't in the most beautiful neighborhood.  However, it is still a great house and has a fantastic backyard.  It has a large front porch and even a little side screen porch with an outdoor clothes line!  Mmmmm can't you just smell the clean laundry sent as the sheets blow in the breeze?

I have to be able to see myself living in the house- I have to be able to visualize myself living my life in these walls- I didn't have that feeling inside this house but man did the back yard make it easy to picture spending summer nights around a camp fire and throwing sticks for Coby to run and chase!

There were a few details in the house that are REALLY cool.  The living room still has the original tin ceiling, the entry way has a great window...

and the bathroom has the original sink.  I grew up with one of these sinks in my bathroom.

Now remember how I said I had to be able to visualize my life in the house?  On Chase Ave. right in Conway village is this adorable, very tiny old house.  I'm not sure I would ever choose to paint my house this color but I actually really love it.  This is just a happy house.  You look at the front door and it just smiles at you welcoming you to come inside and stay awhile.  There is also a back deck on the house with a very nice hot tub- which doesn't exactly hurt the whole happy feeling I was getting from this house- Before I even went inside this house I could start to see my life here...

The inside of this house needs work- I can't lie and tell you its as perfect as I wanted it to be.  The kitchen leaves a lot to be desired.  Especially by someone like me, who loves to cook and is a huge fan of really big kitchens with all the bells and whistles.  But once again focusing on the good things the front porch is perfect.  It's screened in for the summer and has glass windows that you can put in for the colder months.  Standing on this porch I could see myself sitting with a book and a glass of wine on a beautiful summer evening- I was starting to visualize.  The bedrooms are small but for an older house they've managed to find some decent closet space.

The living room has horrendous ceiling tiles.  But if you try to avoid looking at them you can see that this house is happy.  There just isn't a better word for it.  I talked to my mom about this house off and on for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  We kept talking about the spirit the house had and how even though its not ideal and unfortunately it isn't a great investment for me- it is a really great house.  Although I won't be buying this house I hope someone will feel what I felt when I walked in and will make it their home.  I wish this house continued happiness and those who buy it the same happiness.

So the search continues.  Stay tuned because I have a feeling there might be a lot more houses to go.  Is it a bad thing that I like house hunting so much?  And that the idea of finding the right one- although exciting will be bitter sweet?   Ehh what can I say... I love houses!