A walk around the old port.

After the Wedding Photographer luncheon yesterday I decided to spend an hour or so just wandering around the Old Port.  Portland it such a beautiful city!  The Old Port is full of cool little shops & restaurants.  It has so much character with the old buildings and cobble stone streets.  Even though it wasn't as warm as it has been the last few days I thought I might as well take this opportunity to walk around.  Even though its only an hour away I rarely get to spend time in the Old Port. Vanessa is one of my brides for August this year and she told me a while back that she was interested in doing some of her formals in the Old Port before heading to her reception.  Can I tell you how stoked I am about this?!!! (and yes I just used the word stoked).   I figured why not scout a few locations while exploring.  Even though it was a bit chilly the light was beautiful and there were still hints of spring everywhere.

This first location is one I know very well... This is the door to Street & Co. which just happens to be one of my favorite restaurants!  They specialize in fresh seafood and its to die for!!!!  I have always had a love for the short wide door- don't ask me why seeing as I almost hit my head walking in.  This spot is down a little back alley street that is all brick.  I think it could be a great location to play with Vanessa & Marty.

This second location is just a street in the old port.  I'm not even sure which which street to be honest... Maybe someone can tell by the shops and signs on the street but I wasn't really paying attention to street names.  I just love the feel the old port has.  I think these streets have so much spirit and style with their brick sidewalks, old buildings and eclectic signs and shops.

All the great architecture creates these amazing backgrounds.  These particular windows caught my eye.  I love the color of the building and the different windows all the way up.  I really hope there are no cars parked in front of this wall when I bring Vanessa & Marty to this spot.

This last spot is my favorite!!!!  In my mind all it needed was a cute couple kissing on the bench.  Had it not been cold and drizzly and had I seen any couples walking around at that moment I might have asked them to sit for a moment just to oblige my vision.  But there were very few people around and no happy love birds were spotted.  I took a photo anyway and even minus the cute lovey-dovey couple its one of my favorites from the day.  I mean come on doesn't that bear with the little penguin just kill you?  SO CUTE!

I thought I'd end todays post with one of my pretty pink flower pictures.  As cliché as it might be- I just couldn't ignore the first blossoming trees of the year.

I took quite a few detail photos while walking around yesterday and I'll post those soon!