More Jackson, NH Family Portraits


It's amazing what bringing a new generation into the world does for a family. That first baby, grand-baby, neice or nephew is always the apple of everyones eye.

From the first time I talked to Katelyne I was excited about the shoot and when I arrived at the house that the family had rented up in Jackson for the week, immediately I knew this was going to be a fun group.  Everyone was smiling, happy and even willing to walk out into the knee deep snow for photos.

The 'apple' in this family is Katelyne's son and let me tell you he is one very cute little boy, with a whole family that just adore him.  There was no mistake that although this was a family portrait session it was truly about his sweet little face.

I had so much fun with this group and although it was cold I was laughing the whole time and really hope to see this crew again next year for an updated family photo!

XOXO Spring