Chicken... it's whats for dinner

I like to cook. I've never been in love with cooking and it's not like I get super excited about cooking dinner most nights but from time to time I'd stretch to say that I do enjoy finding new recipes and making something delicious.  You see, I LOVE food.  I mean.... I LOVE FOOD.  I'm not cultured enough to really be a foodie but I'd fit the wanna be foodie category quite well.  Recently I've had no real desire to cook and to be honest I think it has more to do with the time of year then anything else.  This time of year really lends itself to crockpot recipes and other one pot meals as when you don't get home till after dark I find it hard to get motivated to pull together any large elaborate dish.  I find that when all else fails I make chicken for dinner.  Why is that?  Why is chicken the go-to meal?  Is it only me?  I guess there are just so many things you can do with chicken and it's a pretty inexpensive main protean ingredient... well none the less I've really been trying to branch out and make something different with the boneless, skinless, chicken breasts sitting in my fridge.   Well I'm asking all of you for some ideas? suggestions? what's your favorite chicken dish? And of course I'm happy to share a few of mine! I think Silas would say this is one of his favorites- Sweet Potato and Chicken Enchiladas!  I found this recipe when I was looking for some gluten free meals to make when Silas was trying the gluten free thing for his allergies.  We just added some cooked chopped chicken to these and man are they good!  Although we didn't stick with a gluten free diet this recipe is one we keep making over and over!  One of my other favorites is a smoked cheddar and sage stuffed chicken with a green apple slaw.  Now this one takes a bit more prep but the good thing is you can really pull it all together in advance making it a really good entertaining meal.  I made this for Christmas Eve dinner this year and it's one that I often find myself almost craving!

Well tonight I think I'm going simple and back to the mexican side of things and trying out a new recipe i found for chicken and veggie Quesadilla. What are you having?

XOXO Spring