Words With Friends

Talk about a way to waste some time.  Personally I don't really like Scrabble- which is probably based on the fact that I can't spell and always feel like an idiot when I play a word and everyone else just looks at me like "wow she's dumb, thats not a word".  But this new discovery of Words With Friends is great because it wont let me play words that are not real words so I can try and I don't make a fool of myself.  I know I'm a little late to this popular game but better late then never! One of the best parts is that Silas and I actually play together, not against each other because he still has not joined the world of smart phones.  He loves Scrabble, so this game is right up his ally and I often hear him asking me now "So has anyone played a word yet?"  So if anyone wants to challenge the Spring & Silas dream team of Words With Friends please be my guest, Silas will be more then happy to have a few more games going.

Take a little time and play a game- we often forget how much fun simple board games (or their smartphone versions) can be.  Have a great weekend everyone!!

XOXOt Spring