Something New

I'm trying something new.  I'm taking one of those goals that I've had on my list for almost two years now and I'm putting it into action.  I'm leaping and hoping that all of you- my amazing friends, family and photographer friends will catch me if I start to fall.  I've always wanted to teach.  And seeing as Photography is pretty much the only thing I might be good enough at to be able to teach my goal has been to teach a workshop for photographers just starting out.

I'm calling all Newbies.  Anyone who has hopes and dreams of the full time photographer job title.  Whether you are just starting out with a dream and a camera or if you have a website and are just trying to figure out what comes next.  If you want to learn how I got started, learn from the many mistakes that I made, get a few ideas about marketing, workflow and shooting this one day workshop just might be for you.  


It's all in the beginning stages right now but the details are slowly coming together for a workshop in North Conway, NH in late April.  I am so excited to venture into this world of teaching and can't wait to open the registration.    Dates and details will be released very soon so be on the look out for a post with details soon!!!

XOXO Spring