a hike for the non-hiker

It's been an unusually warm winter and this weekend it has been sunny and beautiful. So rather then sitting inside watching movies as my best friend and I would normally do, we got up this morning and took our puppies for a hike!  Now I am not a hiker.  I am so far from a hiker I can't even tell you but the best thing about this hike is it is much more of a walk with about 10-15mins of actual hiking involved.  It was sunny, warm and quiet.  The perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. Foss Mt has a lot of bang for your buck.  In the winter you have to park down lower and walk up the road a bit but in the summer you can drive almost to the top then walk up the 15min trail and get a breathtaking view.  As a kid I aways said I would get married on top of Foss Mt.  As much as I still love that idea it's a little impractical to make people (including my 92 year old grandfather) walk up a mountain.  But as you can see the view is to die for.

Thank you KC, Anya, Heidi and the pups for making this non hiker enjoy spending some time outside on this beautiful day :)

XOXO Spring