A contest to start your week.

If you have been reading my blog or following me on facebook, twitter or instagram for any amount of time you know that I have a cock-a-poo named Jacoby (Coby).  He is shaggy as can be, barks at strangers and is a huge snuggle bug.  I can not even put into words how much I love this dog.  I never had a dog growing up.  My family was always on the go so cats were a better lifestyle fit, plus my mom hates the smell of dogs.  So when Silas and I got our puppy in the Wal-Mart parking lot (yeah i'm not kidding we bought him from a breader selling the last two of the litter in the parking lot at the local Wal-Mart in Jackson, TN) I freaked out a little bit.  I had no idea what to do with a dog.  I didn't know how to train them, I was so scared that I had just taken on a huge responsibility that might be a mistake. We have had Coby for almost 4 years now and I can't imagine life without him.  He is so sweet and as much as he drives me nutz sometimes I just love him to bits!  Coby has also inspired a friend or two to get dogs- poodle mixes to be specific.  One is my friend Shannon- the owner of the cutest little black puppy in the world Mr Bruin.  Well a week or so ago Shannon came by my office with a box from Coach (where she works) and had the idea to do a blog give away.  I was all ears although I was secretly planning to never run the contest and just keep whatever great little object she had in the box for myself. In that box was a beautiful Coach, light blue, dog collar which she had purchased for her parents dog but he has never worn it and it's too big for Coby and Bruin.

The contest begins today- anyone who wants to win this beautiful Coach dog collar just has to send me a photo of their dog.  It's that simple- it doesn't have to be a fancy photo, it can be a cell phone photo for all I care.  The best thing about light blue is it can be for a male or female pup so no gender exclusions here.  Now because this gift is coutosy of Shannon she is going to help me pick a winner.  We promise not to judge on quality of photo but on the feeling we get when we look at the image.  Be it a beautiful portarit of your dog on the beach, a cell phone snap shot of his nose in your face when you wake up or even a shot of your mini-min-pin all dressed up in a baby doll dress.  This contest is about showing us who your pup is and how much you love them.  We will be picking a winner at the end of this week so send your pics soon.

Please email images to: spring.smith@me.com

XOXO Spring