The White Mt. Cupcakery | Vendor Love

There are no words to describe the love affair that I have with the White Mt. Cupcakery.  Marc and Kathy are two of the best people on the face of this planet.  They are funny, sweet, kind and super talented when it comes to making my mouth water for delicious sweet treats.  When I was first thinking about finding a studio space outside of my home the first place I fell in love with was in the same building as the Cupcakery.  I couldn't fight the fact that not only did I love the building for it's pretty hard wood floors, big beautiful windows but the fact that The Cupcakery was across the hall? BONUS!!! These to have become my family.  To have someone right across the hall that I can talk to about weddings, life, running your own business and of course the local village gossip has been so valuable.  I've already told you all these reasons I love them and I haven't even talked about their CUPCAKES yet!!!! Their cupcakes are TO DIE FOR.  They are soft, moist, beyond delicious and they have the coolest flavors ever!  Let's start with Maple Bacon.  Ok you might be thinking, really bacon on a cupcake... Don't knock it till you try it.  It's like french toast and bacon heaven!!  And if you are not that adventurous try the Lemon, the Boston Cream or the classic Red Velvet.   Now don't be fooled and think they only make cupcakes because even though the name says cupcake they also do lots of specialty cakes.  Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cake pops and whoopee pies.  These guys have everything you need to expand your waistline!

Recently I started offering all my wedding consultations cupcakes as something to munch on while we chat about their wedding and I've never had anyone complain.  Often times they end up walking across the hall on their way out the door to chat with Kathy about what she might be able to do for their wedding.  I even have clients for this year who loved the cupcakes so much that I'm bringing some down for their wedding in Mass because they couldn't find good cupcakes down there.  These guys are just that good.

So be it for your wedding, for your birthday, bridal or baby shower or just because you have a sweet-tooth like me come stop by the cupcakery and hang out with Marc, Kathy and I.  Oh and if you already have the Cupcakery love like I do- please help them defend their title for Best Cupcake of NH!!!

XOXO Spring