Fryeburg Family {lifestyle portraits}

Mr. Hibbard teaches at Fryeburg Academy and although he was never my teacher he was a name and face around FA that I saw and heard often.  Not to long ago they contacted me asking if we could do some family photos with their kids.  Well we thought an early Sept evening in the park/community garden on the FA headmaster's house grounds would be perfect.  Well the light was perfect but the bugs were not.  Who could have perdicted misquitos in early Sept?  Well thanks to hurricane Irene we got a whole new batch of them suckers and man were they out in force.  If you look closley there are lots of little white dots around these guys- those were the bugs and we all had lots of little, itchy, red dots after this session.  I think they were worth it though and I hope the Hibbards agree!

Human cabbage-patch.

Mr. Hibbard is also the tennis coach at FA- can you see the future star?

The furriest member of the family.

"show Spring your funny face"

I already ordered a sample canvas of this next one in color for my studio!

Thanks guys for being good sports and fending off the bugs!

XOXO Spring