Baby Lyla James {newborn}

This baby means the world to me.  This is the first Blend baby.  For those of you scratching your head- The Blend was my father's band back in the 70's-80's.  And this baby is the lead singer's, son's baby girl.  When I got a text message that Lyla James had been born tears started to stream down my face because of all the babies that I've know this is the first one that I've felt an instant connection to.  Her father and I grew up together- OK really he was 9 when I was born but still.  Our families were very close and he has always been more like an older brother / cousin rather then a family friend.  So obviously his daughter holds a special place in my heart. When Lyla was just four days old we made our first attempt to take some photos (and some of these were taken that first day) but she was still adjusting to her parents and surroundings so we wound up with more screaming then sleeping.  So three days later we tried again and this time she was an angel.  She was all smiles and sleepy the perfect combination for newborn photos.

 This last one tugs at my heart big time!  Laura's fingers were still a bit too swollen to wear her wedding rings so she has them on a chair around her neck. While resting on the couch with mom Lyla reached up and hooked her little pinky finger around the chain.  This little baby is the sweetest thing and trust me you'll be seeing lots of her on this blog from now on!

XOXO Spring