The Creative Habit- Twyla Tharp

I really am not a writer.  I could talk your ear off for hours on end about pretty much anything but when it comes to writing- it has just never been my thing.  I have tons of things going through my head daily and if asked to write them down, nothing, nada, zilch, somehow I draw a complete blank.  I've had a journal or diary a few different times in my life but writing was never something I was passionate about so my journals all have gaps of months or even years where I wrote nothing. I have tried to strengthen my writing skills.  Everyone says just write more often and you'll get better.  I'm trying to write more often but without a passion for it sometimes it feels more like a chore.  I have however redicovered a book that is bringing back my creative side and helping me rediscover ways to use my creativity outside of photography, and I'm really hoping that it will help me with my writing.

The first day of my Senior Photo class our professor assigned the book: The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.  I was a little confused when I got the book store and found a book written by a choreographer.  How is this going to help me with photography?  I was skeptical thats for sure but the minute I opened the book I was impressed.  Not only were the words on the pages very well designed (I have a thing for typography) but the words seems to strike a cord.  Tharp's ideas about excersizing your creativity outside your normal range really gave me inspiration.

A week or so ago when thinking about my seriously lacking writing skills I found this book on my shelf and decided to re-read some of it and see if it helps- defiantly can't hurt.  I'm not sure if it has strengthened my writing skills or not but it sure has stretched my mind creatively and even if I still suck at writing at least I feel like trying.

If you are in need of a little creative boost it's well worth a read.

XOXO Spring