Coby's 3rd Birthday

I can't believe my puppy is three today.  I know most people say things like that about their kids but Coby is as close to as kid as I've got.  Silas and I even refer to each other as Momma and Daddy when we talk to Coby- I know we are crazy. I never had a dog growing up and for the first week we had Coby I was seriously thinking I had made a mistake- how was I going to take care of this little fur ball who was so dependent on me?  Cats are easy- as long as they have a litter box, food and water you can leave for a day or two and no biggie- with a dog you've got to have a plan.  Someone to come by take him out if you go to Portland for the day, someone to dog sit if you leave town for a weekend.  Luckily we have had the best friends and family who have been more then willing to lend a hand when needed.

So today- Jacoby turns three and I'm so glad to have a dog- and honestly am trying to justify another one ;)

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