teaching & talking

A marine biologist so I can work at Sea World.

A zoologist so I can work at a zoo.

A teacher so I can make a difference.

A photographer because its the only thing I can't see myself ever getting sick of.

These were all answers I had to that question you get a million times early on in life "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  I remember being in college and stydying photography and graphic design thinking 'what the heck am I going to do with this degree?"  Which was a good question.  I had decided to study photography because there was nothing else I could stomach the idea of going to school for 4 years for.  Photography had always been something that I enjoyed and the idea of sitting in class rooms for 4 years talking about  something like economics made me want to cry.  Once I was in college I added graphic design as a minor because I enjoy typography and creative designs.  I still to this day find myself oogaling over fonts just cuz they are so cool (yup i'm a nerd).  I figured that graphic design was something I could actually do after school and possibly make a little money to start paying back those student loans.  I guess I was also a little worried that photography wasn't going to be lucrative.  Starving artist on the street corner asking for change anyone?

After two years in college I realized just how much I enjoyed helping other kids in the dark room.   It was an amazing feeling to show a photo one student how to fix his exposure and know that I was helping.  This was one of the first times I truly considered teaching.  I threw around the idea of going to grad school so that I could teach college, I thought about returning to my high school to teach photography (unfortunately they have all but given up on their photo program).  I thought about teaching at summer camps, local adult education centers etc but really what it comes down to just wanting to be able to help others.

I talk a lot- no really A LOT!!!  Just ask my friends and family, I pretty much never shut up.  I know teachers need to listen as well as speak which for me might be the biggest challenge.  I've set a goal to be a leader in my field.  I want to speak at photography conferences, I want to be a mentor for other photographers.  I want to teach and inspire, and hopefully along the way learn a lot of things I don't know.  I may not be there yet but I'm hoping in a few years I will be in a place where people will be excited to hear me speak and I can start a dialogue about photography.

XOXO Spring