Anya- Boston Portrait Photographer

She chopped off her hair.  She totally has the face for it.  When I saw Miss Anya with this stylin new do I knew portraits were in the future.  I've taken photos of Anya's older sister (my best friend KC) for years but Anya had somehow escaped my camera. Turns out Anya and KC have yet another thing in common.  Serious model potential.


I think Anya wasn't quite sure what to think when I asked her to stand in front of the big blue dumpster.


Another thing these two sisters have in common- those beautiful baby blues.


This one feels like a film still.


The one on the right above makes me think of Alice in Wonderland... only Anya in the Fenway.

undefinedAs you can see this girl is stunning and crazy photogenic.  Thanks my dear for putting up with me having you stand in crazy places in near freezing tempatures.  It was an honor to photograph you and I can't wait for next time!

XOXO Spring