Coffee Table Book

When the UPS man pulled into my drive way I was almost as excited as Coby was.  Granted his excitement is a lot of barking while mine is more grinning.  As I tore through the tape and pushed a million Styrofoam peanuts aside all I could think was this book is going to be PERFECT! Rebecca and Owen's book arrived the other day and before re-packing it and dropping it off at the post office this morning I grabbed a few shots of the finished product to share with you all.  Their wedding album is a 10X10 Asuka Coffee Table book.  I love the satin feel of the paper and the custom designed cover and dust jacket.


Rebecca and I chatted about what to put on the inside cover of their book and she had the perfect ideas.  An excerpt from "A Farewell to Arms" which they had included in their ceremony.

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined Their book is now back in it's slipcase, buried in a box of Styrofoam peanuts and on its way to Boston.  I hope you two love it as much as I do- I really wanted to keep it for myself, if it ever goes missing you know where to look!

XOXO Spring