Coby's Hair Cut

Mud season is on it's way and although it may have snowed this week we also had a few very warm days and some rain to top  it off.  Our dirt driveway has a lake in the middle of it and walking Coby has added a few challenges.  A few days ago on one of these warm days Coby and I took a nice long walk around the neighborhood.  Though we stayed mostly on the side of the road there were plenty of mud puddles and snow banks to keep Coby dirty. When we got back to the house there was no question it was time for a bath.  The problem was his fir is so long this time of year (trying to keep him warm) that the dirt and mud created a lot of matts and knots.

My solution?  Hair cut.

Coby usually goes to a groomer- I'm not one for spending a ton of money spoiling my dog, oh wait who am I  kidding yes I am, but honestly if I had a dog with normal dog fur I probubly wouldn't spend the extra cash but seeing as Coby has hair not fur trust me cutting it and brushing it is a task.  Well with a muddy, messy, matted dog I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I figured it can't be that hard to just trim him up a little.


Whoops-  OK, OK, really it isn't that bad.  Did I miss a few spots so he has a few tufts of longer hair, yes.  Is his butt shorter then the rest of him, yes.  Does he look totally ridiculous, no.  I do plan to take him to our wonderful groomer and not make this a regular occurrence but I think to get through mud season my scissors and I will have to do.  So, if you see Coby at the dog park please don't make fun of his hair cut, I think he is a little self conscious about it.


undefined He is so cute isn't he?  Even if he does have a funky, slightly messy hair cut!!!

XOXO Spring