New Client Box

I tend to over think things.  I'll have an idea and instead of running with it I'll often think it over and over until I'm thinking a dead horse.  Ok so that analogy doesn't exactly work here but you get the idea.  I have goals and ideas up the wazoo and instead of spending my time making them come true I think and think and think and I end up thinking and talking myself out or around them.  I shift my focus to something either more time sensitive, more attainable or for whatever reason more important (sometimes going to the grocery store so that there will be something for dinner turns out to be more important then spending those 30 mins looking at possible studio spaces that I can't afford). I'm trying really hard to start holding myself accountable for my ideas, my goals and my actions.  This week I pushed myself and guess what?  I got something accomplished that has been one of those things on my dreaded to do list for months.  It was about a year ago when Justin & Mary first gave me the idea and inspiration to put together a 'new client box'.  This really shouldn't have been so hard and defiantly shouldn't have taken me a year to pull off but at least now I can check it off the list.

I ordered some great boxes but of course they are backordered so in the meantime, instead of letting that hold me back from progress I went to good ol' AC Moore and found some almost as cool boxes.  I got some issue paper, some printable sticker labels, swung into Borders to pick up a few Real Simple Weddings and spent a couple of hours sitting at my computer putting together the meat for my New Client Boxes.  Inside these super cool boxes is a copy of my favorite bridal magazine: Real Simple Weddings, a copy of NH Bride and an awesome customized label with the client names, my pricing info, a list of my favorite local vendors and a three page guide to getting the best wedding photos possible.  And to top it off? A red satin bow.

Yesterday I met with a couple about their upcoming wedding and when I arrived I wasn't quite sure how to present this new snazzy box so I awkwardly handed it to them after saying hello and taking a seat and said "here, this is for you".  (I think I need to work on the giving of the box thing still).  But overall I think they were impressed because I saw two huge smiles.  They opened the box and we began chatting about the contents and their wedding.  The meeting went great- I'll be shooting their wedding this summer and although I can't give all the credit to my spiffy little box I'm pretty sure it didn't hurt.

So hears to checking something of my to do list, to my newest clients (who are awesome and I can't wait to shoot their summer wedding) and to accomplishing the little things because even if it's only one small step it's a sign that I'm headed in the right direction.

XOXO Spring