"please look after this bear, thank you"

I can't find my rain coat and ended up soaked to the bone after taking my dog for a walk without a raincoat or umbrella this afternoon. While making an attempt to get dry and warm I couldn't help but look over at my Paddington Bear in his blue rain coat and yellow rain hat and think how much more prepared for this weather he is. I've always been a stuffed animal collector- Come'on what young girl didn't have 400 teddy bears, bunny rabbits and stuff kittens & puppies filling her bedroom?  I think there are still quite a few bags full of my beloved stuffed friends at my parents house tucked away in closets.

Paddington wasn't originally my bear- he was given to my brother when he was a baby and although I'm not sure when or how I ended up with him- I firmly stake a claim to him and would never give him up. There is just something magical about my bear. He is tattered and warn from years of childhood love (meaning being dragged around the house by one arm and squished in my bed with me at night).  When I was a baby my bedroom had Paddington wall paper- which might be a hint at where my love began.   I remember when I decided that I was no longer a "baby" and that I hated the wallpaper and opted for pink and blue flowers instead (gag).   I now look back and wish I still had some of that wall paper for memories sake. I think if I ever find a roll somewhere I'd buy it just to frame a small piece for wall art.

Paddington is still one of my favorite children's story characters and a great childhood memory- what is your favorite stuffed animal or character from when you were a kid? Anyone share my passion for a teddy bear in a raincoat eating marmalade sandwiches?