Coats and shoes and bags, oh my!

As I sat on the floor surrounded by mounds of clothing, trying to sort out the summer vs. winter wardrobes I realized that I have a serious coat addition.  Not that this is news to anyone who knows me.  Some girls love bags, some shoes... well I love coats.  Don't get me wrong I love my bags and shoes as well but coats are a whole other ball game.  I have winter coats, dressy coats, light weight coats, even an old school Red Sox jacket.  I have always had a thing for jackets, coats, blazers etc but recently it's gotten a bit out of hand. My christmas list so far consists of 10+ coats and some pots and pans for my kitchen- thats about it.   So for you fellow coat lovers here is some eye candy straight from my wish list.

** Sorry for not having details on all these items I totally blew it and didn't write down all the info for each one- Most are from Anthropology and Banana Republic

I had to throw in one awesome skirt and these beautiful suede shoes just to even it out a little bit. So what dominates your closet space?  Shoes? Bags? Coats?