Suzie & Andrew | Engaged | Scituate, MA

When I first sat down to chat with Suzie last year at a Starbucks in the South End of Boston I knew we had a lot in common.  She had found me because one of her best friends in college is one of my oldest friends from summer camp.  Come to find out shortly after, my college roommate and another one of my 2010 brides were also her teammates from her club swim team growing up.  Small world! Suzie and Andrew are getting married in late May 2011.  We got together in late June to shoot their engagements on the beach near Andrew's parents house in Scituate, MA.   Talk about a beautiful spot- there is a private beach for this small neighborhood of houses and it's just stunning!!!!!!  With rain in the forecast we were a little nervous and although we heard lots of thunder it turned out to be a perfect evening for a photo shoot... so perfect, in fact, there was another photographer on the beach shooting some engagements just as we were leaving.

Andrew is not exactly thrilled about having his photo taken... I promised him it wouldn't hurt and that I didn't bite and I think we even managed to get a few real smiles out of him.  I also found out he can totally rock the camera... just look at these next two.

Love the romantic feel of this one.

The colors of the beach were stunning!!!!!  The sky, the water all that beautiful blue.

On the walk back up to the car I had them stop and sit on the boardwalk so we could play with some of the grassland marsh as well.  More pretty colors and beautiful light... Yes please!

Suzie wanted to do a few more pictures out at the light house just up the coast with the bay and some boats.

This one might my by favorite of the day.

I had a great time hanging out on the coast with Suzie and Andrew.  I also had a kick butt dinner at a restaurant right in town that they suggested... BEST FRIED SHIMP EVER!  Thanks guys for a great day-  can't wait for May :)