Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I am in love.  I just can't help it.  A beautiful image printed on canvas wrapped over a frame ready to hang no muss no fuss is just one of my favorite things. I ordered a few sample canvases last week and upon arriving home from my weekend trip to VA I found a box just full of love for me.  I think the simplicity of canvas wraps with no fancy frame, no mat and best of all no additional cost for those things makes them such a great way to enjoy photographs.  You get your print you hang it up.  Done.

I picked a few of my favorite pictures from some recent session including an Engagement of Suzie and Andrew at the beach, a wedding image from Emily and Anthony's awesome wedding and a slightly older image but still one of my all time favorites from Vanessa & Marty's Engagement shoot in Boston.

This image of Vanessa & Marty is one of my favorites!!!  It is printed as a 16X20 and is 1.5 inches deep .  It's amazing how small it looks on a medium sized wall.  You'd be surpassed how small images, that you think are huge when you first hear the dimensions, are once they are on a wall in your home.

The texture of the canvas gives such depth to the image.

Here is Andrew & Suzie on the beach.  This print is a 24X24 square canvas.  Not sure this image really goes on a red wall but you know what, I love my red wall and I love this picture, so it works for me.

Last but not least is the 20X30 of Emily, Anthony and the really cool old truck!  To give you a little size reference my family photos on the shelves below the canvas are 5X7's and smaller.

***Hey Clients... if you are interested in a gallery wrap canvas let me know!!!!  I am offering 20% off gallery wraps for clients who mention this blog post through the end of July- Just shoot me an email.  It doesn't have to be for a session we have already shot- you can pre-order a canvas for an upcoming wedding or portrait session***