Red Sox | Memorial Day Weekend 2010

I'm a die hard Red Sox fan- for those of you who didn't already know.  I've been to a lot of Red Sox games in my life.  I've been to play off games and even flew from TX to go to the two home world series games in 2007.  I also had a coop job with the Red Sox in college where I attended 15 or so games in both the 2004 and 2005 seasons and photographed the games from the third base photo pit.  You could say I'm pretty lucky. Well, I was lucky again on Sunday.  My parents had 4 tickets to the Red Sox vs. Kansas City Royals game.  They gave Silas and I two of the tickets to go with them as a Christmas Gift.  In the 85+ degree sun we watched Lester pitch a great game and enjoyed watching the sox pull off a win!

Everyone in our section doing the wave!

Silas and I and my parents and I.  Enjoying the beautiful day!!!

I love Fenway Park.  I've often thought about getting married there someday... yeah told ya I was a die hard fan ;)

These are my awesome parents!!!!  Thank you Mom & Dad for a great Christmas gift that we got to enjoy with the two of you on a beautiful day at the ball park.