.Going to Texas.

A lot of photographers talk about having a connection with their clients, having them become friends.  Well, I am lucky enough to be shooting a wedding this weekend for someone who has been a friend since before she was even dating her hubby-to-be. Miranda is a wedding photographer with Image Forward Photography.  She and I shot many weddings together during the two plus years I worked with Image Forward, including one that had 30 some odd people in the bridal party.  I'm very glad Miranda's bridal party isn't quite that big and I feel so lucky to be spending her wedding day with her.

This image was taken back when I was living in TX.  We decided to have a play day and take some fun photos. This is my favorite image that Debbie took of Miranda and I.  I miss the ladies of Image Forward and can't wait to spend a few days with them!!!

I will be back late Sunday night and will have tons of beautiful images from Miranda & Tyler's wedding to share.