.impromptu photo shoot | Shannon.

We had some beautiful weather this week.  Days of blue sky, sun and light breezes.  On one of those days last week my friend Shannon and I decided to take a little detour while driving around town and found ourselves along one of the rivers. Around one turn was this beautiful stretch of road.  Trees hanging low, leaves popping out everywhere and the sun streaming down through the trees.  We decided to pull over and walk down to the river.  I took a few photos and then turned and said "Ready for a photo shoot?"  Thankfully, Shannon is always game :)

These first few are just to set the scene for you :)

Shannon laughs and smiles about 99% of her day so getting a few straight faced photos is rare... see didn't last long!

Love her goofballniss (not sure thats a word but it's just the perfect word for Shannon).

I really have no idea what she was doing here but it's cute.

Oh how I loved that light.

The only bad part to the day were the bugs.  The bugs are out in full force and even though shannon tried to fend them off- one found its way up her nose and somehow I was lucky enough to catch it.  Now, most people would tell me right away "don't post that one.. Please!!!"  But not Shannon- her first words after dislodging the bug from her nose was "you have to post that one!!!"  So here you are.  I call it 'Bug Flying Up Shannon's Nose'.

What can I say.  I love where I live.   Mt. Washington Valley is stunning and I'm proud to call it home.  I think this little stretch of back road may become one of my new favorite locations to shoot!