.Brianna & Chad | Wine Making.

I've known Chad since he was a little kid.  I used to babysit him and his older brother Cory.   Cory is now married with a daughter and Chad is engaged!  Do I feel old? YES.  But thats really besides the point. I first met Brianna at Cory and Amy's wedding over two years ago.  These two define adorable.  The way they look at one another makes my heart melt.  Chad and Bri asked me if I would come and take some photos of them making wine that they are going to have at their wedding.  Of course I was thrilled to do something just a little different.

Although they are not old enough to drink their own wine yet they were aloud to taste the juice before it ferments.

Check out the bling-

I love Bri's expression in this one.  You can tell that she knows she is the luckiest girl in the world.

After the wine making extravaganza we decided to take advantage of the weather and headed outside for a few fun photos.  Chad was having a good time trying to teach Bri how to skip rocks.

I loved shooting with these two.  I would put them in a spot with great light and they would just be totally adorable all on their own- these two make my job so easy!

I just couldn't help myself- that ring is stunning!!!

Thanks Bri & Chad- I had so much fun with you guys yesterday!!! I'm already looking forward to your wedding next summer!