.The Parsons Family. | April 2010

I'm so glad I got a change to do this mini session with Cassandra and Justin yesterday when it was still warm and sunny, considering today we had  rain and snow.  Just looking at these warms me up a little. These two made my job easy.  Cassandra is one of the most outgoing people I know and she has a laugh and smile that are contagious and beautiful!  I'd put them in a spot with great light and say "hold hands" or "look at each other and be cute" and they just did it.  Naturals I tell ya.

Don't you just love their bright and happy pink?  Perfect with the golden mid afternoon light.

At first Kayia didn't really want anything to do with modeling for the camera.  After a few minutes she started to warm up a little and at one point decided to chase me down the street... Ok, so running backwards and trying to take an in-focus picture isn't easy- but I did manage to get this shot with her adorable, possibly even a little devious, smile.

What a picture perfect family- all smiles.

These are two of my favorites from the day!  When I was little I always wanted to be up on my dad's shoulders.  When Justin lifted her on to his- her face lit up and my heart melted!  Just look at these two... I think we have a Daddy's girl.

In this last shot, Kayia was actually running off to take some pictures with her parents digital camera and avoiding my camera in the process.  Little did she know running away made for a great shot.