.Snow in mid April.

Don't get me wrong-  I do love snow.   I love snow all winter long, I love to ski and I'm a sucker for a white Christmas. I am not however a fan of snow in april.  Both yesterday and the day before it snowed here in Mt Washington Valley.  At first it was just a light dusting that melted within a few hours.  Then when I was going to bed night before last it started coming down and sticking.  I woke up yesterday to no power and 4-5 inches of fresh snow.  Not exactly a good morning.

I managed to find one positive in all this-  The birds were eating the suit outside my window and I managed to snap a few pretty pictures.   I didn't even realize that I got pictures of both the male and female woodpecker until I was editing the images- kinda cool huh?

Hopefully all traces of snow will be gone by tomorrow because I am so ready for another 70* sunny day.