hold me closer tiny cookie....

I'm not a bad cook-  now baking... thats another story. A few days ago my friend Shannon and I decided to have a baking extravaganza.  We didn't start until 8pm so it wasn't much of an extravaganza but it was fun and tasty!!!  We decided to keep it simple on our first attempts of the season:  Chocolate Chip Cookies and Paula Dean's 5 Layer Bars.  The cookies were first and came out soft, warm and yummy.  Paula Dean's 5 Layer Bars were second and much less work.  You melt some butter and mix in gram crackers then press that into the bottom of your pan.  You then pour chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, pecans and shredded coconut on top of the gram cracker crust.  Last, pour a can of sweetend condenced milk over the top of the whole thing and bake it... let me tell you... WOW!  We were having a blast singing along to Christmas music and other tunes while baking our yummy and extremely fattening treats.

I think that since we got such a late start there is a very good chance we'll be doing a part 2.