First Snow!!!

A few weeks ago I started telling people that I wanted snow for my birthday.... well as Silas and I drove south on Rt 16 to Boston on Saturday, the snow began to fall.  Even though it only accumulated to a few inches... there is still snow on the ground two days later.  I hope it is here to stay!!! As we were leaving Silas's brother's apartment in Belmont, MA sunday morning I snapped a few photos of his street and a few out the window as we drove out of town... I love the look of fresh snow clinging to everything!

IMG_0448 IMG_0453

IMG_0466Every time we drive by this place I want to stop and go look around-  Through the huge windows I see all kinds of goodies... I hope someday I have time to stop and explore.

IMG_0481IMG_0486Happy First Snow Everyone!!!!!