Chef James.

Meet Chef James.  James is the chef at Wine Thyme in North Conway, NH, my co-worker and my friend.  A few months ago, while I was tasting some of his incredible homemade soups, James and I started talking about taking some photos of him in front of the restaurant.  He wanted one where he looked angry/pissed off- you know Anthony Bourdain style.  Well last week on a slow afternoon we decided to try a few photos.  Of course my favorites is not the angry chef one... but thats just me. IMG_6777TU IMG_6772

Waiting tables is a really nice complement to my photo business.  With photography If I'm not shooting, most of the time, I am sitting at my computer where my dog and two cats are the most social interaction I get all day long.  (Of course unless you count facebook).   Waiting tables gives me a chance to run around like a chicken with my head cut off, strike up random conversations with customers and work with some cool people and it's kind of fun!  This shot is of our mini dining room looking out at the patio.  Most of the summer that patio if PACKED with people.  This time of year we are all, as patiently as possibly, waiting for the snow and skiers.