bad blogger... very bad.

I've been so bad about blogging the past week or so and I am very sorry!  Life is crazy!!! My boyfriend Silas and I hosted Thanksgiving on Thursday and it was great!  We had some friends come over and ate so much food... plus we still have at least 3 meals left over.  We played some rock band, sang some karaoke and drank some wine.  Sadly because I was cooking for a chef and another cook I was so wrapped up in not messing anything up that I totally forgot to take some photos of the wonderful food. I am however putting up some of the book layouts that I've been working on for a wedding I did (with help from Miss Deborah Parker) back in April.  The wedding was in Bay St. Louis Mississippi- and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!  The first page are photos we took at their rehearsal dinner which was a crawfish boil- and the crazy dudes in the pants are the grooms best friends!