working a double.

As amazing as I am as a photographer I have yet to be able to survive solely on my photography income- so I moonlight as a waitress.  Working at Wine Thyme is great don't get me wrong... wine, good friends and most of the time i'm making money.  Today however i'm not quite as excited as I uasually am.... doubles are not my best friend. Speaking of best friends- mine: KC was not included in my first post and really should have been.  Of course she pointed it out totally kidding but she was right.

We laugh so hard we cry, she makes me smile when I would rather be screaming and for some reason we just click.  We met in 8th grade and were fast friends.  We stayed good friends through high school and into college but for some reason it was late into college when we realized that we were more sisters then just friends.  Of course our timing couldn't have been worse she was off to Africa and I was moving to GA to be with my boyfriend.  But no matter the miles between us we stayed very close.  This past summer was one of the best of my life- and I owe most of that to her.  It was a hard time in my life, i'd moved back to my home town, I'd broken up with and gotten back together with my boyfriend and yet it was great!  This past summer was the first summer KC and I had been in the same time zone in years!!!!  We would stay up all night, watch One Tree Hill, go see the local softball team play, eat take out, scour the racks at TJ Maxx and of course hanging out with her little sister, who I claim as my own little sister, nothing incredibly special but it was fun.

So I leave you today-  with two of my favorite photos of KC that I took YEARS ago.  The first one I actually won a nation wide online photo contest with my sophomore year of high school.   :)  kc winnerkc(over x-mas)P.S.  These are both from my 35mm b&w film days (taken with my Pentax K1000).