Early November

Its a beautiful day for early November... There are a million things around the house I should be doing.  However I find myself here writing my first blog post for Concept Spring Studio.  Since this new adventure started in April I've been so excited to get to a point where I felt established.  (That point when your list of things to do is down to a somewhat manageable amount and you feel like finally things are coming together).  Getting my website up and running was a huge challenge- For the first three weeks I was changing out photos constantly.  I had a hard time committing to the images for my galleries and every shoot I went on I wanted to add more (my newest favorites).  I was spending so much time editing my site and trying to "brand" myself that I felt like I was starting to miss out on life.  I decided to bite the bullett and get a blog.  That way I could update my new  favorite photos for people to see without having to update my website EVERYDAY!  It has been a slow process and I'm sure there are plenty more changes to come- but over all it feels good to have a blog presence.  You see... i'm a bit of a blog stalker!  I spend hours surfing my idols blogs.  I enjoy seeing their new photos and reading the wonderful tidbits they share.  Melissa Jill, Jamie Delaine, Becker, Michael Norwood, Jessica Claire and the not quite so famous but totally fabulous Debbie Parker are a part of my daily routine. I hope that sharing my photos and thoughts will be entertaining for a few people out there.  For today I'm going to start with just a few photos of some of my favorite things in my life.

ahhhh the boston skyline!  This was home for 4 years of college and quite honestly still feels like home.

silver cascades.  Mt. Washington Valley at its best.

dad, mom, brother and me.

Silas and our puppy Jacoby

Jacoby... yes I named him after a red sox player!