Summer Camp Wedding

NH Summer Camp Wedding | Ryan & John


Ryan spent her summers as a girl at Camp Huckins, a girls YMCA summer camp on the shore of Ossipee Lake in New Hampshire. When the time came to plan her wedding it just felt like the right place- full of love, laughter and perfect for a fun weekend with friends and family. Their wedding day was a scorcher- in late September we are not used to such hot weather so being by the lake and in the shade of the pine trees was perfect. There is something about a summer camp wedding that always makes me happy- maybe its the 11 years I spent at my own girls camp or just the fact that they lend themselves so well to a whole weekend and not just the wedding day or maybe it’s the mountains and the lakes and being surrounded by nature but no matter the reason Ryan and John’s wedding day was picture perfect- just scroll down to see for yourself!

Planner: Aimee Janowicz Lucy
Photographer: Spring Smith Studios
Caterer: White Mountain Cider Co
Florist: Elaine Currier
Cake: Nancy Sanborn
Dressmaker: Olia Zavozina
DJ: Mike Rovin
Hair: Jill Graves (Maggio's)
Makeup: Alexi (Maggio's)

Kingsley Pines Maine Summer Camp Wedding

Ben and Leah share a love that is so full of joy that just being around them makes your heart light.  They smile, laugh and exude happiness in every moment together and that makes for an amazing wedding day!  Their friends and family gathered for not just a wedding day but for a whole wedding weekend.  Thats the amazing part of Kingsley Pines- its a summer camp where your wedding isn't just one day- its a whole weekend with bon fires, s'mores, swimming in the lake and lots of time spent with the most important people in your life.  

I admit I have a soft spot for Summer Camps and I know Leah does as well as she and I spent many summers together at our own summer camp in New Hampshire.   Even thought this wasn't our childhood summer camp I'm willing to bet that their early October day was the best summer camp memory she has.