Carlie & Matt's Hardy Farm Wedding | Fryeburg Maine

Matt's determination has a lot to do with how these two love birds finally made it to the alter.  He fell for all the way back in middle school and it took years of his persistance to win her heart.  They were wed at one of my favorite venues, The Hardy Farm in fryeburg, Maine.  It was a warm August day with love and sunshine in abundance. Carlie_Matt_BLOG0034 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0035 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0036 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0037 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0038 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0039 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0040 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0041 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0042 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0043 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0044 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0045 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0046 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0047 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0048 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0049 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0050 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0051 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0052 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0053 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0054 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0055 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0056 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0057 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0058 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0059 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0060 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0061 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0062 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0063 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0064 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0065 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0066 Carlie_Matt_BLOG0067


Photography: Spring Smith Studios Planner: A Family Affair of Maine Caterer: Dandelion Catering Florist: Broadturn Farms Cake: Nothing Bakes Like A Parrot Dress: Watters purchased from Lovely in New York City Band: Alex Lee-Clark Band Hair/Makeup: Root Cellar