Matt & Lauren | The Hardy Farm Fryeburg, Maine

Take two very creative artists, a perfect June day, a rustic Maine barn venue, friends and family and a whole lot of love and you've got the ingredients that made up Matt and Lauren's wedding day.  When Matt first reached out to me about their wedding over a year ago I was so flattered to have two such incredible artists (Lauren is an illustrator and Matt's a graphic artist) be so enthusiastic about my work, it was the biggest compliment.  When we shot their engagement session last summer I just knew these two were the perfect Spring Smith Studios couple!  They were fun, silly, adorable and totally head over heals in love.  Their wedding day was nothing short of spectacular!!  We had the perfect weather and a timeline that allowed for lots and lots of photos- plus they hired Nora of SP Films so I had some fun company documenting the day along side me.  The whole day just flowed effortlessly which i'm sure had a ton to do with their onsite planner and all the awesome vendors.   Thank you Matt and Lauren for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day, it was a true and honest joy! XOXO, Spring

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